Thursday, November 8

a well done experiment

This morning as my third grader was looking over her science reading for the week, she made note that we could skip one of the experiments since she already knew what would happen. The experiment required putting a moist piece of bread on an uncovered plate for several days to see what happened. Having experienced that first hand via our bread drawer, she was an expert as she related stories of the grossest findings! I quickly reminded her that we wouldn't have so many experiments if my children would eat the bread ends (better known as "heels" depending upon where you live) instead of waiting until their mom remembers to make them for her toast in the mornings. Sheesh!

Dontcha love how homeschooling is always a live experiment in the making?! LOL!

Enjoy your garden path which may be scattered with spores, molds, funguses, and mosses!

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Tammy said...

I was just at a fellow homeschooler's house. We had a similar moment as our kids explored the mold growing inside of a carved pumpkin. I love those easy life lessons.

BTW - I've been enjoying your encouraging words and scriptures. You and Donna make a great start to my day.

mom said...

Ah, thanks for your note of encouragement! I do love visiting Donna's first thing every morning, too :-)

And I knew I had visited your blog before, but forgot to bookmark it. I immediately remembered it when I peeked again...the incredible awesome knitting you do! I'm such a basic knitter - can you say scarves? - therefore I drool when I see such fancy socks LOL! What a gift you have :-)

the other Tammy ~@~

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