Saturday, November 10


It took me a good chunk of the afternoon, but I DID IT!

The first snag was that my smallest screwdriver wasn't small enough, so I had to make a run to the local hardware store. Not a problem there except they were holding a big promotion of sorts and it was packed with people in there. Plus they were making fresh popcorn right by the door with the option of fresh caramel popcorn...I can still smell it! Yum! LOL!

The second snag was that one of the screws wouldn't come out and I thought perhaps I had stripped the top of the screw. I had to IM with my college son who was actually at work - as a computer tech - who told me to make sure the laptop was on a hard surface and to push down real hard and he was certain the screw would turn. Okay, so I was doing it on my lap as I had the instructions from the internet brought up on the dinosaur computer screen in front of me...and you know, it IS a LAPTOP computer :::groan::: I was about to give up, but gave it one last attempt and the screw turned!

The third snag was that it was a larger chip and took some wiggling to get into place. It felt like it was in where it belonged...but it wouldn't register the memory when I turned the computer on. So back to IMing and my son said it probably wasn't securely in place and to take it out and try again. I did. Several times. Nothing. So I IMed him back and told him I'd call after he was done with work.

As I was going to set it aside and do something else for awhile, I decided to put the old memory chip back in to see how it worked and looked. Hmmm. Figured out an easier way to slide it into place and decided to try it with the larger memory chip. worked! Woo hoooo! I was so so excited! Hey, I may never be a computer tech, but who says an old dog can't learn new tricks, eh?

It works wonderfully allowing my laptop to process quicker and smoother.

I hope your challenges this day worked out as well :-)

Tammy ~@~

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