Saturday, December 22

21st and 22nd

Somehow I missed doing a jig here yesterday as it was the shortest day of the year - the 21st of December! The daylight hours are going to begin lengthening! Woo hoo! And today - the 22nd - is the official "First Day of Winter". Okay, excuse me while I snicker as I do believe the weather was saying WINTER way back at the beginning of November in our location :-p

Changing seasons.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

Although the seasons come with a regular rhythm, our lives are going through different stages each year as they arrive.

We have had one go away to college before and have been through that season; having a new one doing the same thing is different. For our dynamics have changed. It's familiar and yet it's not. Our family here has developed a rhythm this fall while our son has been away developing his own rhythm as he transitioned into college. As he arrived back home last night, it came with the realization that we will all be in an adjustment period for a bit. There will be some obvious bumps along the way. And hopefully we will all grow in lessons of grace in the process.

:::::humming Amazing Grace while I do a gentler version of a jig:::::

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