Monday, December 17

angel time

With twenty AWANA Chums in my group this year, I've been trying to come up with an idea of something I could make to give them for a gift as we finish up before the Christmas holidays. Although I love living where we do, shopping options are so limited and there is no craft store to run to at a moment's notice. In one of my catalogs, I saw angel pins and decided that if I could find the items I'd need, it would be a fun thing to make for each girl. Beads...very easy. Colored crosses...easy. Angels...challenging. But I finally found some angel charms on individual bracelets at the dollar store and although it was a challenge to remove them, it worked. Each pin could be made unique and individual so that no two are the same. I finished them up last night and early this morning I wrote out a note to each girl and attached the pin. They can wear them on their AWANA uniforms or on anything else.

Now to get moving so I can finish up getting the AWANA store ready for tonight...

Have an angelic day!

Tammy ~@~

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Tammy said...

They're adorable! The girls will love them I'm sure.

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