Saturday, December 1

cold winter

Cold winter's in the wood,
I saw him pass
Crinkling up fallen leaves
Along the grass.

Bleak winter's in the wood,
The birds have flown
Leaving the na*ked trees
Shivering alone.

King Winter's in the wood,
I saw him go
Crowned with a coronet
Of crystal snow.

~Eileen Mathias

We've been in a cold spell this week with temperatures in the single digits and the wind chills putting us in the teens below. Brrrrrrrrrr! We have enough snow on the ground to cover it, but in the areas where we didn't get the raking done you can hear the sound of crinkling leaves as you walk over it. The birds are feeding heavily this morning as a snow storm approaches. King Winter is arriving in all his glory and my children sing and shout, "HALLELUJAH! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!" And now that I will turn all the calendar pages to December this morning, I have much more peace about singing and shouting with them :-)

May you enjoy the coming of winter in your little garden as we enter this merry month!

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