Saturday, December 1

cookie christmas tree

Ahhh, yes, this is what my daughter almost didn't get to create this morning due to our forgetfulness...the making of the cookie Christmas tree! Doesn't it look yummy! We put it up in the bay window above the kitchen sink and are hoping the kitten doesn't knock it down when he jumps up there like a no no bad cat.

Tis the season!

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Noel said...

darling cookie tree! Can you share how to do this?

mom said...

I guess the cookie cutters came from a kit. You make two cookies from each shape, bake and frost, then turn them slightly as you pile them up. I'm not sure if the kit came with a suggested recipe or if her leader used her own favorite cutter cookie recipe. All the girls had fun putting the trees together and then decorating them with candies. We put her finished product up in the kitchen bay window by the sink and I guess there's been some pieces pulled off from the back of it for nibbling purposes...hehe...

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