Wednesday, December 26

the cookie platter

Eat a nice Christmas dinner at 4 PM complete with homemade creamy vanilla ice cream and a platter of Christmas cookies for dessert.

Refill the Christmas cookie platter after the kitchen clean-up is complete and place it back on the kitchen table so everyone can nibble through the evening.

Notice that the Christmas cookie platter has only a few tasty treats on it in the morning when you wake up.

Notice that the red kitchen tablecloth has been dramatically pulled to one side.

Realize that THE DOG is most likely the culprit who ate the majority of the Christmas cookies off the platter.

GRRRRRRRRR at the dog calling her NO NO BAD DOG for gobbling down all those treats that took hours to prepare.

Learn my lesson and plan to keep the Christmas cookie platter up on the kitchen countertop in the corner where NO NO BAD DOG can't reach them!

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