Monday, December 31

early morning reading room

Ahhh, the challenges of being an early bird mother. Especially when no one is sleeping in their regular beds. Especially when people are sleeping in unusual places in the household. Especially when making coffee in the kitchen will wake people up. Especially when someone is sleeping on the floor in your bedroom next to your desk.

So, this morning I resigned myself to scrounging on my desk for my Bible, devotional, journal, and notebook as quietly as possible in the dark. From there I tiptoed into the master bathroom where I could turn a light behind closed doors to do my quiet time. Ah, yes, what we commonly joke about being the *reading room* in our house was truly my *reading room* this morning. I'm certain God does have a sense of humor...hehe! I was quickly reminded of how often I tell my children that God hears our prayers wherever we are...truly He does! He met right there with me - even without the benefit of a cup of coffee! - as I went through my morning devotional time.

And as soon as my household began waking up, I could wander out amongst the living once again. Find the coffee. Make the breakfast. Chat at the table. And finally get back into my corner of the bedroom to type this up. So much for the unspoken rule I have of posting before 8 AM as we are now preparing the lunch menu for the day.

Enjoy this last day of 2007!

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