Monday, December 24

finding open spaces

From my devotional this morning:

We should be better Christians if we were more alone; we should do more if we attempted less, and spent more time in retirement, and quiet waiting upon God. The world is too much with us; we are afflicted with the idea that we are doing nothing unless we are fussily running to and fro; we do not believe in "the calm retreat, the silent shade." As a people, we are of a very practical turn of mind; "we believe," as someone has said, "in having all our irons in the fire, and consider the time not spent between the anvil and the fire as lost, or much the same as lost." Yet no time is more profitably spent than that which is set apart for quiet musing, for talking with God, for looking up to heaven. We cannot have too many of these open spaces in life, hours in which the soul is left accessible to any sweet thought or influence it may please God to send. ~ From Streams in the Desert

Oh dear...isn't that something to ponder with such a busy day or two ahead? It's been such a busy month and if I'm sitting around at all I've often chided myself about lost time. And what am I busy with? Perhaps too much of what the world says is necessary this time of the year.

And yet what does my heart yearn for when life is so so busy? Finding open spaces to spend some quiet time with the Lord. Especially as we charge forward into the last days of this year. Time to think back over the year and consider the new year ahead. And I don't want it to be MY vision, but GOD'S vision as I look forward.

Finding open spaces.

May you, too, find a quiet place amongst the busy of the holidays!

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Charlene said...

open spaces sound so wonderful to me. I find that I just don't have many open spaces anymore, and I have no idea how to make them! I'm catching up on my blog reading can you tell??

mom said...

Open spaces are hard to find and it seems we just keep filling our lives with more and more other stuff all the time. Sometimes we just need to stop and examine what all the "more" and "more" is about to see where God is in the mix, you know?

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