Tuesday, December 18

the gimpation situation

Since the spelling vocabulary word "succinct" does not apply to my blog posts except on rare occasions nor apparently does it apply to my blog comments, I've had to move my "verbose" comment to a post since that does describe me more efficiently.

How I became a gimp in 100 words or more:

I'm not certain what triggered the kink in my upper right back, but I know something happened sometime during the weekend that has brought this on my poor body. Perhaps it was when our Christmas tree went crashing to the floor while the kitten was climbing up its trunk causing several ornaments to be shattered as well as my heart as I picked up shards of glass and other ornament pieces while crawling around on the floor. The tree is now anchored by fish line to the ceiling which was what my husband initially had planned to do right away, but, life interrupts around here and sometimes things don't get done :::sigh:::

All I know is that a sore area on my upper back on Sunday was a much nastier kink that had moved into my shoulder and neck also on Monday morning when I woke up. I canceled out exercising, took a couple of ibuprofen, and kept busy with AWANA stuff from morning until night.

Around 4 AM this morning the kink was making me uncomfortable to sleep. By 5:30 AM I decided ENOUGH and that since it wasn't horrible I'd get up, get dressed, and go do my walking since I missed exercising yesterday morning. So, as I was crawling out of bed my arms instinctively reached out for a stretch. BAD MOVE. Blue lightning pain moved through that entire area making me think that going to heaven immediately would be the best option! YIKES! Then a wave of nausea came on! BLECH! (Doesn't this sound like the recent scenario when I thunked the back of my hand?!) By now my poor husband was awake and ready to offer assistance. There was no way I could lie back down, so he helped me into the chair next to the bed with the bathroom garbage can nearby. He found the heating pad and snuggled me into the chair with a quilt. It was impossible to find a comfortable position to ease the pain. I took a couple of ibuprofen on an empty stomach. I know, blech again. Around 7 AM I finally felt like I could stand up and dragged my heating pad over to my computer chair so I could at least read a bit....hehe....

Since then I have been moving very slowly and trying hard not to move the right side of my body much. I've taken more ibuprofen, too. And in general I feel like yuck :::sigh::: My husband and daughter have both offered to massage that area, but honestly, the thought of someone touching anywhere near there brings back the blue lightning thoughts.

Yes, I've effectively been put out of action. And my wonderful children are encouraging me to take it easy and rest while they so willingly do their school work watch movies today. And as soon as this latest dose of ibuprofen is working well, I'll move to the chair in the kitchen by all those Christmas cards that keep calling my name each time I walk by...

Aren't you glad you asked, Donna? :::weak grin:::

Tammy ~@~


Noel said...

oh, Tammy, I am so sorry that you've hurt yourself!! I will pray a quick recovery for you.


Donna Boucher said...

I am glad I asked! So now I can pray for you.

And ask you if you believe in chiropractors.
If you do believe they are not quacks....(he he) get thee to one soon.

If not, perhaps a pt.

My hubby does not like Chiros...but I do. I have been helped.

But, no matter what you decide,
I will be praying for you.

I'm so sorry you are in such pain.

pianopraise80 said...

Yup, Donna you beat me to it.

Mom, make an appt ASAP with Dr. B. You won't regret the time out to do it. Sometimes ice helps, too. You might try a package of frozen veges? What else?...Try not to stretch it too much as that can aggrevate and inflame it. But then again, after your episode this morning me thinks you won't be stretching it much. Finally, and most importantly--LET OTHERS DO FOR YOU!!! and DON'T OVERDO IT!!! Seems a recent "doctor" told me those very words.. (big grin)...and now they've come back to haunt you!!

Love you!!

Charlene said...

To be out at this time of the year is ROUGH. There are so many things calling our names the week before Christmas. Hopefully with some rest and acting on the good advice you've received so far you'll be up soon!

mom said...

Thank you for your concerns...and I know, I know, I've already been told by the previous chiro receptionist in our family to "GET THEE IN NOW, MOTHER!" But honestly, it's so sore I don't want anyone touching it. Maybe, when we drive past there on the way to the vet this afternoon if he isn't busy we'll stop...but you know how busy he always is...and you know how that crackin' noise creeps this poor mother out LOL!

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