Saturday, December 29

leave a blessing

My days are full and busy right now as I enjoy this time of having all my family together. So, I'll just leave you with the opening lines from my morning devotional for this day. Take it to heart wherever you may be - home or away or running errands.

"It is probable that God lets every human being that crosses our path meet us in order that we may have the opportunity of leaving some blessing in his path, and dropping into his heart and life some influence that will draw him nearer to God." ~ A.B. Simpson

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Tammy said...

What wonderful words to keep on my mind today! Thanks!

Donna Boucher said...

Thank you for sharing that great and true quote!

Noel said...

My days of full right now too. Thinking of you :-) please pray for me :-)

mom said...

{{{{{Noel}}}}} I'm thinking of you and praying much at the moment as I recall those days right before our family's wedding in the spring! CRAZINESS! You'll get through it, girlfriend :-)


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