Wednesday, December 26

make it real

After some discussion over at Donna's on December 1st (sorry, I couldn't get a direct link to that post to work), I picked up the book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson to read to the kids. We finished it up last night. We did enjoy the story, giggled a bunch, and chatted about kids we knew who might fit the Herdman family profile. Actually it brought back memories of a family I used to babysit for when I was in high school - OY! The Herdman children were definitely full of life and curiosity!

But the book was eye opening in a surprising way. It told the story of children who had no knowledge about God, God's Word, Jesus...nothing.
It is hard to look from that perspective when your background has put you in the church from day one. After all, those are the third world countries around the world that know nothing about the true living God, right? No sirree, it's right here in America. In fact, over the holidays churches around the country were packed with visiting relatives who knew nothing about God. Nothing.

And as I was sniffling while reading the last couple of pages, especially when Imogene Herdman had Christmas come over her all at once (and don't worry, I'm in the witness protection plan so my children can't tell friends that their mother was crying AGAIN while reading a book), it made me ponder the whole Christmas story told year after year. My hope is that we will be sensitive to all the *regular* Christmas visitors in our church who may be hearing the Scriptures for the first time ever realizing that the Holy Spirit can do some awesome work in a heart prepared for Him!

Christmas blessings,
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Tammy said...

Oh, I love that book! I don't cry very easily, so my boys just looked at me dumbfounded as I started sniffing and stammering through the last few pages. We've read it a couple of times... I wanted to make it an annual tradition, but when I pulled it out last year, my unsentimental boys whined, "Again? We've already read that." Ugh! I'll try again next year.

mom said...

Yup, those boys hit a certain age and they get a bit pickier about what is read aloud...

Donna Boucher said...

I adore how the Herdman's wanted to know more....and went to the library to find out....and how they wanted to go after Herod and how they didn't want the three kings (spies) to tell....
and how they brought their ham!!!

Yup. I cried again this year and Katie had to read for me.

They have grown up when they can read this book to their sobbing mommy!

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