Thursday, December 6

my littlest skier

A new season. For the kids. For me.

All the fresh early snow has been a delight for the kids. Their kind mother...that would be me...has had to remind them that school needs to come first, then play. So, they get up in the morning and work hard on their schooling. But there's been more than schooling being done as they have been creatively planning their own winter olympics. I've seen all the pictures and contestants listed as they've been busy writing and drawing and even planning their team uniforms. So far their events include skiing, sledding, and snowboarding with hopes that Dad can get down to the lake to begin clearing for the annual ice rink so that more events can be planned. :::whispering::: it has been one of those wonderful moments of them working together without conflict which I hope will last a bit longer....

Late yesterday afternoon I looked out my window to the field next to the house. Lo and behold, there was my littlest all by herself cross country skiing. I watched with amazement as she made her way up the small incline to the house. I actually held my breath wanting time to stop as I captured this moment. STOP. When did my toddler grow up? I confess that I've noticed recently that our conversations have been changing. Bigger words. Longer sentences. Deeper thoughts. STOP. Could my littlest really be growing up? I've seen it happen before over and over in my household, but my heart wasn't quite prepared for the littlest doing that growing up business.

A new season. For my kids. For me with my heart full.

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pianopraise80 said...

I know! I still think of her as the "baby"!! But when I see pictures like this, it's obvious she's moved into "little girl-hood". And since my Lovie is so close in age to yours, I know my day is coming soon, too. ::SNIFF::

Guess you're gonna be needing another "baby fix" soon, huh? Glad your daughter and I can help you out on that. :-D

Love you!

mom said...

Thank goodness for the GRANDS! Woo hoo! Little ones always make me smile :-)

Donna Boucher said...

How wonderful! I wish we were next door neighbors! I really do.
How much fun our girls would have together!

mom said...

Our girls would have a blast together :-) You can visit anytime or come over when I go to Lynn's house for tomato coconut soup...hehe..

Tammy ~@~

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