Thursday, December 20

no jingle jangle

Anyone familiar with that old cowboy song that went something like this, "I've got spurs and they jingle jangle jingle" ? Well, I've got spurs and they DO NOT jingle jangle jingle...

Let me back up a bit.

Recently I had ordered some items for an AWANA clubber which came in after we had AWANA this week, so her mom was going to stop by yesterday to pick them up. She didn't show up. In the afternoon the girl called to say her mom was home and had forgotten to stop. No problem. I had to run the dog to the vet, so I'd be happy to drop her things off somewhere else if it would help. Yup, she wondered if her boyfriend's dad's office would work since it was close to the vet? No problem. And did I mention that her boyfriend's dad is a c.h.i.r.o.p.r.a.c.t.o.r? Someone we've know most of our child raising years since they have kids the same age as ours?

You know, I was going to wait this OUCHie back thing out until Friday to see if it improved. But it was like the Lord opened a door completely. And He waited to see if I'd be stubborn or go with the opportunity He provided.

I called the office and went in after the dog's appointment.

Talked about my symptoms, brief exam, x-rays.

My neck's natural curve had been disrupted a long time ago by what appears to be a violent whiplash forward, then backward. The 5th and 6th vertebrae in my neck are turned a bit, the disk between them has been degenerating, and each one has a nice spikey looking bone spur on it. YIKES! I had most likely done something that put my neck in the right position for the spurs to pinch the nerve. Ya, something like crawling around on the living room floor looking for shattered glass and ornament pieces under the furniture.

No cure. The solution is adjusting the neck to get it in proper alignment and then doing exercises to help keep the vertebrae in place. He did the first adjustment and it wasn't anything like I expected. I did survive. And I will improve. And God is good all the time!

Since I've never been in a car accident, I really can't recall what could have happened 20 years ago or so that put my neck in this position. Maybe a bad fall sometime? Guess it really doesn't matter now, does it? It would have only been a matter of time before something happened that would have revealed this...and I'm sure it isn't a coincidence that our devotions have been talking about contentment in ALL situations this week BEFORE Christmas.

May your day have lots of jingle jangles as we near the celebration of Christ's birth!

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Tammy said...

Ouch! I have a rather tweaked neck too. I have started with chiropractics a few times but never followed the plan all the way through. It has helped though. Hope you're feeling better soon!

PS... I bribed my 10 yo with a Starbucks Vanilla Frapaccino last night to rub my neck.

mom said...

LOL! No Starbucks around here, but I guess that's okay as that whole area is still too sore for anyone to do much massaging. My 11yodd has sweet massage hands :-)

Donna Boucher said...

That is exactly what happened to me.

Little jagged bone spur that poked my nerve. It was extremely painful and took a few weeks to resolve.

And now I remember that I forgot to go to the chiropractor today!!!
I just remembered. They must hate me there!!!

I am scheduled to go once a month to keep my neck in line.

The Chiro. asked me if I had bumped my head by standing up under a table or something like that when I was younger.l...I hadn't...but guess what I realized...I learned to do back handsprings when I was in 7th grade and I landed on my head about a hundred times!
I think that is what happened to me :o)

Were you a tumbler?

mom said...

:::covering my ears and humming loudly as I consider Donna's "a few weeks to resolve" comment:::

Gosh, Donna, you sound like one of my crazy kids as they love doing back flips, etc. I've always been a somersault cartwheel kind of person, IOW, nothing too dangerous.

I just can't come up with anything specific. I am klutzy and have banged my head in weird ways or slipped on the stairs and fell hard. Who knows?

Now it's my turn..."Donna, reschedule your appointment and get thee to the chiro!" LOL!

Tammy ~@~

Our Family of Five said...

I'm a big chiropractic care fan. We all are around here. Andy has a broken vertebrae in his lower back and has been helped tremendously by chiropractors. I know medical doctors frown on them, and I guess I probably would too if I hadn't had such great experiences. I hope your neck gets better quickly. God bless, Lynn

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