Wednesday, December 5

not recommended

This weight loss method will not apply to most people unless you are in a special classification of God's creation best known as, um, *klutz*.

Yesterday morning I was awake early and jumped out of bed to get ready for walking at the high school. It was nice to be there for a good brisk walk on a track that was busier than usual. I think because it was busy and therefore more distracting I was suddenly surprised to see my hour was up. Since I hadn't done the final lap at a slower place, I decided to walk just one more lap. And then I was done. Changed shoes, grabbed my water bottle, threw on my coat and headed to the doorways. As I was attempting to tug my gloves out of my pockets while pushing the bar midway on the door to open it, I somehow (being the klutz I am) *thunked* the back of my hand on the edge of the bar...HARD. So hard that as I came out through the door I had that electrical shock feeling pass through me causing me to stop, bend over, stoop down, and pray I wouldn't pass out (did you ever have that happen when you hit your funny bone hard or your knee?). Not only was I feeling faintlike, but a wave of nausea passed over me. There I paused for a moment or two feeling thankful I was so early that there weren't a bunch of students coming in at that time, and got my bearings enough to get to my car. Again I felt thankful that it was so cold out so I could just sit there with my head bowed down on the steering wheel waiting for the car to warm up. Still feeling woozy, I slowly drove home and sat still with my eyes closed for a few minutes once I got into our quiet house. YIKES!

Throughout the day I felt a bit light-headed and the nausea lingered Certainly takes away your appetite and I considered it my sympathy nausea in honor of those family members currently enduring morning sickness. Trust me, I do not recommend this as a weight loss method, especially since not everyone can easily accomplish it unless you are a *klutz*

So what's a mother to do about weight loss since being in the midst of the holidays there tends to be a whole lot of baking going on in households. In fact, one of my favorite years was spent baking a different batch of cookies every day of December. It allowed me to try several new recipes. It also allowed me to sample cookies all month long. YIKES! This is far from being a recommended weight loss method, eh?

Hmmm, some tips for the holidays? What has worked the best for me is only baking or preparing what I need when I need it throughout the holidays. Our family's favorite holiday treats are best done in a marathon baking session right before Christmas so that they won't be in easy reach for weeks. And I try to keep my water bottle right on the counter next to the baking supplies so that I reach for that more frequently than nibbling on a fresh cookie cooling on the rack. Fill up on a fresh green salad before going to a holiday meal event. Look for recipes for low fat appetizers. Pick ONE of the most delectable cookies on the treat table NOT one of each kind. Wear a pair of pants with a snugger waistband as a reminder that you don't want to overeat. And don't squeeze out exercise because your schedule is too busy. Not only will exercise help keep you on task, but it is a GREAT stress reliever and energy giver. And if you fall off the wagon big time at an outing, don't stay down. Get right back up the next day and stick with your living well vision!

And remember the reason for the season. The birth of Jesus Christ. I think of the verse in Matthew stating that He will be called Immanuel which means "God with us". God is with us. We do not walk alone. He is our strength moment by moment. Especially in this living well daily walk. Call upon Him!

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Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Those are some really great tips Tammy! I hope your feeling better now, too! My mom put me in ballet when I was a little girl because she was trying to cure my Klutziness. It didn't work!

mom said...

Klutziness seems to be :::gulp::: inherited. One of my daughters has it as badly as I do. At least it gives the two of us something to regularly giggle about :-)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning-that sounds so painful! i pulled my back out and fell to the ground and felt intense pain i never felt before-my husband had to pick me up-I had carried a full load of laundry down 2 flights-I should have separated the batch. come visit. Blesings, Rose

Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed your post. The part about tips for the holidays. You didn't tell us the results of the hand banging. I bet it was black and blue later.
I have to bake cookies for neighbors and a open house. Baking when needed is a good tip. I have cheated and bought the kind of cookie dough that you take out and put on the pan. So it will work to only cook what is needed. I'd love to make and decorate cookies with the grands but alas, I don't live close enough.
Have a great week!
Mama Bear

Tammy said...

Oh my! How awful! I'm glad you're feeling better today.

Darlene said...

I had such a klutzy morning, you have just made me feel normal. Actually it's been a 24 hours embarrasment. I hit my head really hard on the back of my car today, because the hatch door was only 1/2 of the way up. I had that woozy feeling you are talking about, and I just wanted to bawl like a baby. Then I turned to grab a case of water to put in the back, and I banged it again, just as hard--if not harder. I was worried about driving home. I felt shook up. It didn't help that on my way into the parking lot i slid into the curb, and "bam!" I broke the hubcap on the car. No wonder I'm not hungry either. Maybe we're on to something!

Living Beyond said...

Oh I just love your comment about wearing clothes that fit a little snugger around the waist as a reminder not to eat - what a great idea and boy do I have many items like that!! I enjoyed visiting today - thanks.

Susanne said...

From one klutz to another:
Wonderful post...thanks so much for sharing!!

Crystal said...

Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog today!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

So sorry about your crash! I am a klutz alot of the time too. I understand. Hope you are feeling better! Good post.

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