Friday, December 14

our teachers

From my devotional:

The little ones God gives to us do not come by accident or as interruptions to our lives. They come as God's good gifts to us, entrusted as a stewardship from Him. Children are not only given to receive love from their parents but to be God's teachers. What parent would say they have not learned about sacrifice, patience, priorities--not to mention learned more about God's love for us, His children--as a result of being a parent? Children are a gift for which parents should thank God every day. ~ David Jeremiah

Although I read this last night before bed, I had to smile to myself as I was attempting to type it out this morning while at the same time my four year old was relating the tale of her LONG dream. Just another lesson learning more about sacrificing my time, using my patience, putting priorities in order. I finally stopped typing so I could hear the whole LONG tale. Then she was happy and went to snuggle in my bed to warm up.

Many people will readily confess that children are a gift of God, but how many have considered those little gifts our teachers? Especially in the homeschool realm where we wear the teacher hat from sunrise to sunset? And yet, as I ponder it and look back over my life, I can see how much my children have been instrumental in teaching me many lessons. God has used them to mold me and polish me into the person I am today. And I have a feeling they aren't done yet! LOL!

May you, too, thank God for those little teachers who live in your home!

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