Friday, December 14

a preschool counting game

There are times when we don't have to work too hard to find ways for our kids to learn. Take the season we are in right now. Combine that with a kitten in the house. Bingo! Math game for a four year old! Every morning there are ornaments on the floor in our living room. The job my littlest has is to find the ornaments, put them in a pile, and count! Today it was TEN! YAY! It is hard to see in the picture, but the culprit is actually lying on the tree skirt behind her left shoulder. He will attentively watch where she puts the ornaments back on the tree and when no one is around, back to work he goes! Quite an entertaining game for the two of them :-)

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Donna Boucher said...

Oh!!! That sounds like the best counting game yet!

What fun!

Your daughter has the most wonderful brown eyes!

mom said...

Yup, I married my husband mainly because of his brown eyes and the offspring we'd have...hehe... It is interesting that brown eyes haven't been predominant in our children as five out of nine have a shade of blue eyes - the other four have that deep warm brown.

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