Friday, December 21

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Life is very busy for me right now. Yes, it 'tis the season which makes it busy, but I'm moving at a much slower pace with my gimpasauras back. I think of so many things I could blog about throughout the day, however the time is not available to write with other priorities pressing as the clock ticks. Therefore it was a blessing to receive an email yesterday from my favoritest (I know that is not a word, but I like it...hehe) daughter-in-law in the world and have received permission from her to share it here since it was prime blogging material consistent with my theme. The report of the behavior of my granddaughter could be brought into question as to its validity since it would be hard to believe that such a sweet perfect angel could have such a tantrum! Yet, there could be a hint of truth considering she comes from the stock of a "firstborn" and an "only" which may indicate some inherited strong-willedness, if you know what I mean...hehe! May you enjoy her ponderings:

So, yesterday was another marathon shopping day for me and Lovie. I tried to "bribe" her into good behavior by offering a reward at the end of our shopping trip--a "good girl treat". Before we went into each store I would rehearse the requirements for a "good girl treat" with her: listen to Mommy, obey Mommy, no touching, sit on her bottom in the cart, no taking her shoes and socks know the basics :-) Well store #1 was a major flop complete with grabbing things, yelling, and almost completely undressing in the cart. Store #2 was much the same, Store #3 culminated in her lying down on the floor yelling "NO!" and becoming rigid when I tried to pick her up, and finally Store #4 was a veritable snatch and grab for her on every aisle. We got in the car at that last store and I was scolding her for her naughty behavior and told her she'd lost her treats. I stopped scolding in mid-sentence when I heard myself say, "Why are you so bent on disobedience???!!" And it was like I heard God saying those exact words to me at the exact time. (Weird I know...but true).

Now, I've been a Christian for a hair over 20 years. And sometimes I compare stages of my walk with God with the stages of growing up. There's the learning to walk, wobbly stage, the rebellious teenager stage, the "I know everything" stage, the falling in love with Him more stage, etc. Yet, in the car I realized that more often than I care to admit I am the toddler in the cart with God. As I thought through my Lovie's behavior I realized a lot of what she does is an attempt to "help". But in reality I see it has a hindrance to my agenda--a slow down to the things that need to get done. And then it dawned on me: How, HOW, often do I sit in the cart reaching for things I want or trying my best to "help" God out and all He wants me to do is sit in the cart, obey Him, and let Him get His thing done--accomplish His purpose and reward His child in the process. And there I am snatching and grabbing. HOW frustrating it must be to Him?? How many times does He say, "Why are you SO bent on disobedience???" It was a humbling thought as all of a sudden I was placed on the same level as my sniffling treat-deprived daughter.

It also gave me a new perspective on parenting during this season. A little more patience....a little more teaching...a little more love... Just like my Father.

Meanwhile, I will try to keep my hands in the cart and my shoes and socks on and learn the same lessons along with my daughter.

Now tell me, aren't I extremely blessed to have this daughter-in-law who loves the Lord?!

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Tammy said...

Isn't it amazing how much we learn about our relationship with God through our children? I know just what you mean about hearing His voice as I'm speaking.

I want so much to train up my children and build their character... but somedays I think, their time will come when they have their own children. Those are the true character building years!

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