Thursday, December 13

a small hurdle

My confession...I've had a hard time getting into Christmas this year. Can't really pinpoint why really. Everything has been in place - early cold snowy weather, our Christmas CDs playing, my cards and family pictures in hand this fall, the Christmas tree up, decorations up, Lego town in progress, family letter completed, Christmas program practice at church.

Yesterday I finally pushed myself out the door to travel a bit to do some Christmas shopping. Ideas began popping up as I went from store to store and I was able to complete the bulk of my shopping. There's still a few things I need to order through catalogs in the next day or two. But the hurdle I ran into was shopping for my littlest and my granddaughter. I came home with absolutely nothing for them. Why? Because everything I saw would be perfect for them! Clothing, dolls, play kitchen items, dress-up items, games, coloring books, reading books, more dolls, stuffed animals, DVDs, CDs, you name would have fit those two perfectly! I have visions of my grandchildren someday sniffling and crying because grandmama doesn't give them gifts...why?...because grandmama can't make a decision since she wants to buy everything! And I guess *everything* collides with the very practical side of myself.

The funny thing is that I'm really not about *stuff*. In fact, we had a family discussion about Christmas and *stuff* as we were coming into this season. A majority of gifts planned are necessity items or consumable type things. We all agreed that Christmas was about relationships - our individual relationships with God as we remember His coming and our relationships with one another. Truly, we're not looking forward to a holiday of opening gifts, but rather a holiday of hanging out together.

And here I thought writing out my thoughts about it all would help me come to a conclusion about those two little girls and Christmas gifts, but alas, it hasn't! The hurdle remains. To be continued, eh?

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Tammy said...

I'm having a hard time getting into the season as well. Part of me is lazy and overwhelmed, but the other part is really getting really disheartened by the commercialism and chaos that can consume the holiday. I just want it to be simple... I want to enjoy some beautiful lights, a darling nativity scene and time together. (I would add a nice fire, but my yarn basket sits too close to our fireplace in our small living room.)

I finally placed a few orders yesterday, but I'm hoping if I can avoid the malls, I can avoid getting caught up and stressed out by the hype. (I succomb to it too easily!)

As for your little ones... whatever you get them will be the perfect gift! I feel quite sure of that!

Donna Boucher said...

Ask God to give your the right gift.

And to give you a feeling of joy for his birthday party :o)

Our Family of Five said...

I've had a hard time tool. But, I think its because I'm out of my element..... so far from family, and I've never been away from them at Christmas before. I'm so accustomed to juggling one family get-together after another, that if feels so weird not having that this year.

I also pray over the whole gift giving thing before we buy. Usually my husband already has a list of things in his head, but still, I like to get them certain books that I know will help them to think deeper or grow spiritually.

If at all possible, I like to stay out of the stores. I like to shop online. This helps avoid all of the 'christmas anxiety' and helps me keep the materialism to a minimum. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't bought the first gift I'm not quite "in the season" yet, either! Hopefully, I can do a marathon session this weekend and get to feeling festive. :o)

mom said...

Just reading everyone's comments has encouraged me! Thanks :-)

I did spend some time yesterday afternoon doing some online shopping to finish up the bulk of what I needed yet. I was relieved that I could still get under the wire for needing express shipping!

Charlene said...

I think this time of the year does bring about conflicts for those that understand the real meaning of Christmas. It's easy to fall prey to all the "hype" of the season, especially when it starts in Oct.

I'm sure you will find just the right thing for each one left on your list! I agree with others who have posted to pray first. I have done that before many a shopping trip for sizes and color and prices!

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