Tuesday, December 4

snow and "bugs"

It's that time of the year...

It's winter. We have snow. WE HAVE SNOW. Just like other seasons and the things that make those seasons special...the same kind of thing happens with winter. I go to switch the laundry or answer the phone and when I get back into the kitchen my students have disappeared and the house is quiet. Why? Because we have wonderfully fluffy white snow! And the kids are all outside playing in it. Some are sledding, some are cross country skiing, some are snowboarding. Sooner or later they wander back into the house with rosy cheeks and need a cup of hot chocolate to get them back on track. And don't forget the marshmallows, mom! This is a typical frequent occurrence at the beginning of a new season. It will soon wear off and only the big snow storms will draw them outdoors for extended times.

It's winter. We have "bugs". WE HAVE "BUGS". Just like other seasons and the things that make those seasons yucky...the same kind of thing happens with winter. We're out and about among a variety of people and pretty soon someone here doesn't feel well. May be a tummy ache, may be sneezing and sniffling, may be a pounding head and chills. And it seems to go through everyone who lives indoors in our house. Some are in bed, some are bundled up on the couch watching movies, some are in the kitchen looking for a popsicle. Sooner or later they wander into the bathroom for their favorite flavor of Emergen C and a soft tissue. It seems to be something that happens early in winter and then hopefully we get back on our feet with our immune systems stronger.

It's winter. It's long. And once again I'm thankful to be homeschooling with the built-in benefit of a flexible daily schedule which allows us to travel through the ups and downs of life with barely a bounce along the way!

Enjoy your winter day :-)

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