Tuesday, December 18

thank you :-)

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to those who have publicly and privately been an encouragement to me during the Homeschool Blog Awards. Out of about twenty blogs in each category, I was pleasantly surprised with a second place standing in the New Homeschool Blog category and a third place in the Best Encourager Blog category.

It was also fun to surf through so many other homeschool blogs throughout the voting process and find some new favorites to add to my list. I'm encouraged by all the enthusiasm found in the homeschooling community. Some of us old timers need that to rub off on us a bit!

Perhaps the biggest challenge was knowing there was a new reading audience popping in and out of my own blog throughout this time. Suddenly you are more self-conscious about how and what you write about on a daily basis. YIKES! Hopefully I stayed true to my usual rambling self...hehe!

So, THANK YOU from the bottom - and top and middle and whole - of my heart!

Tammy ~@~


Donna Boucher said...

You are very gracious and I'm glad to know ya :o)

Now, why are you gimped up?
The tree didn't fall on you did it?

mom said...

Nope, it didn't and my reply got too long for the comment section, so I'm moving it to a post :::weak grin:::

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