Saturday, December 22

the unjoy of baking

One thing I always look forward to every Christmas is baking all of our favorites. In my head I go through everyone's favorite recipes to make sure I have the ingredients on hand before I start. It's typically a marathon baking session since I usually don't have much time to bake until a few days before Christmas. Well, except for the year that I did a cookie recipe a day throughout the month of December. Now THAT was fun! We tried a bunch of new recipes that year because there was time to do putzy things each day - fancy cookie wreaths, twisted cookie candy canes, chocolate and vanilla checkered cookies, etc. I think that was also the month I gained twenty pounds :-p~

All week I've been mentally preparing my list of ingredients as I anticipated starting my holiday baking today. OH JOY! And it's turned out not to be an oh joy kind of thing :::sigh:::

For you see, my oldest has been struggling with some odd health symptoms that began last year around this time. He went back and forth to the doctor a few times, tried some meds, then finally proceeded to more invasive testing. Finally this fall he got the diagnosis of Celiac Disease. Even that seemed like an odd diagnosis at the time since he does not have some of the classic symptoms. But lo and behold, as he has worked hard to change his diet and eating habits, he's been feeling much better. Truly much better. And for that I am very thankful!

Okay, back to the holiday baking and the realization that my son will NOT be able to eat his favorites. In fact, as I've gone through the day I have concluded that he will not be able to eat almost anything I'm baking that has been traditional in our family for this holiday. I think *maybe* he can eat the fudge, but I'll have to have him check the labels on the ingredients.
So instead of being a day of joyful baking, I find that I'm sniffling a lot which I guess I could always blame on perimenopause hormones instead of this very silly over sentimental heart which I tend to wear on my sleeve.

Yes, I did buy a couple of gluten free baking mixes to bake for him. And even more importantly, I did remind myself of the theme of our recent devotions about being content. In ALL things. Because really it isn't about the food at's about the fellowship we'll be having around the table which I wouldn't trade for anything on this world!

May your holiday baking be a source of joy for you as you bless your family!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy-I am so glad your son was finally diagnosed. Do you remember Prince Charles' nanny for the boys-she was so heavy -then all of a sudden she started losing weight-she was diagnosed with celiac disease-i think her name is Tiggy-after Mrs. twiggy-winkle. Well, enough about that. I wish you well with your baking! We have allergies in our family-so i have gluten free products-no cow's milk and so on. Have a great Christmas. Rose

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