Thursday, December 27

the volume switch

Our household tends to be noisy, especially with three girls on the end of the family line. When the phone rings, I always wander into another room with the phone and close the door so that I can hear the caller.

The weekend before Christmas a son came home from college. The volume switch got turned up. Mealtime around the table became much livelier and suddenly Atlas was popping out everywhere and four boys were wrestling at a moment's notice.

Today my oldest son, his wife, and their two year old Lovie arrive. The volume switch is about to get turned up yet another notch. Last night they called with the final details and I was able to talk to my sweet granddaughter and ohmigoodness does she ever TALK now! Big words! I'm afraid the dialogue between her and my youngest will be much more animated and LOUDER this time as they tussle over things that they both want at the exact same moment.

In a couple of days my oldest daughter and husband will be arriving. The volume switch will explode. Everyone will be talking at the same time around the table at mealtime and it will be impossible to keep track of the conversations. Board games will go into full swing. Late night movies. And eating galore. Hopefully I can shoo them out into the great snowy outdoors a time or two so my poor mind, body, and soul can survive these lively days.



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randi---i have to say said...

All the noise sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

Noel said...

How blessed you are!!!

lisa said...

This just completely describes how we spent last weekend!!! Soooo fun and loud and crazy! I even have a 20 mo old who talks like crazy. She is soo much fun and adds to the clamor around her!


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