Friday, December 7

what's the weather

This morning while exercising, the ladies were chatting about the weather forecast for the upcoming weekend. Everyone had a different take on the predicted snow amounts and how cold it was suppose to get because they all had a different source of information. And what was interesting was that every meteorologist basically has many of the same tools to make their predictions. Radar, barometric readings, temperature, relative humidity, wind patterns from around the world, etc. Yet, their conclusions all vary a bit. And then the weather does what it wants anyways! Our conclusion was that being a meteorologist has to be the best job a person could have because they can consistently be wrong in their job and still get paid!

Isn't that a lot like being a mother? We have many sources of information to review as we train out children and can use many different tools, but sometimes the results aren't what we hoped for as we note their behavior. And what works for one child, doesn't work for the next one, or the next one, or the next one, or...right down to the last one. Then it seems you have one child figured out and their sibling is suddenly challenging you (I've always wondered if they kept a chart hidden away listing whose turn it was to drive mom crazy each day!). Really, sometimes it feels like blunder, after misstep, after lapse, after blooper, after a comedy of errors, after "you fill in the blank"! And yet, I still have my job as mother.

While God is perfecting me in the process, He is also humbling me to my knees as I see what HE does despite me. Those rays of sunshine fall down upon my garden as he takes all the rain and storms and mistakes as a parent and brings forth a thing of children who bless my socks off every time I think about them.

"Conscientious parents convey their attitude and values and faith to their children subtly, through the routine interactions of everyday living. Values are not taught the children. They are caught...during the routine activities of daily life at home." ~ Dr. James Dobson

Persevere. You may not be the perfect parent, but you are guided by the Perfect Parent. You are His tool to help Him craft His beloved child who lives in your home. He will do all the refining and polishing when they reach adulthood. And know that if you make God a priority in your own life, it will show in your everyday living before your children. That's the stuff you want caught!

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