Tuesday, December 11

with fear and that big word

TREPIDATION: nervous agitation *synonyms - terror, panic, dread, fright, dismay

One word to go with the big word...DENTIST

Although I couldn't tell you a thing about what my dentist looked like when I was growing up, just the word "dentist" conjures up many things. The rural dentist's office had a certain smell to it, a certain look to it, a certain sound to it...and a certain pain to it.

When my parents moved while I was in college, we got established with a young new dentist in town. I've known him longer than I've known my husband and he's always been our own family dentist. My oldest daughter benefited from hand-me-downs from his girls through the years and my husband has taken hunting trips with him. He is well liked by our family and is considered a friend.

Last month I broke a piece off a tooth, but he was on vacation and no appointments were available for quite a while. I could go in right away to see the other dentist in the office, but chose not to since the tooth wasn't bothering me. Yesterday was my appointment and I once again that familiar feeling came over me as I got ready to leave...fear and trepidation. I have absolutely no complaints about our dentist as he's been absolutely wonderful. Yet I'm amazed at how those childhood thoughts immediately come to mind when I think "dentist". Fortunately my tooth wasn't bad enough to need a crown and was just a matter of filling plus forming a new edge. No pain. And good conversation as we caught up on life.

Today two of my children go in to the dentist for their regular clean and check-ups. They won't think twice about it and will bounce out the door for the appointment. As they go back to the hygienist's chair, they will eye up the prize basket. They will sit still, love the flavor of the cleaning paste, exclaim over their awesome new toothbrushes, pick their prizes, and are good until the next time. I'm so relieved that going to the dentist is a positive experience for them :-)

As I raise my children, I often wonder what experiences will stand out in their memories. Will those thoughts bring warm fuzzies or sadness or joy or trepidation? Even now as I talk to the older ones about various experiences we've had as a family, their interpretations have been formed through the eyes of being a child even though as an adult I see the same experiences in a different way. Interesting, isn't it? Perhaps my parents would have a whole different perception of our old dentist than I have...nawwww! LOL!

Truly, the only thing I would like my grown children to leave home with is not only knowing the love of their earthly parents, but knowing the love of their Heavenly Father. For when their earthly parents are gone and a memory in their hearts, the love of their Heavenly Father is what will carry them through all the rest of their days. That is a truth that I've realized more and more as our own earthly parents have passed away...

Off to do some schooling before we need to leave for the :::whispering::: dentist!

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