Saturday, December 1

the woes of the early month

Ohhh, yes, turning the calendar page to a new month...perhaps I need to begin doing that the day before :::sigh:::

We had a phone call from one of my daughter's AWANA leaders this morning wondering if she was still coming to the event for their group as she was an hour late! :::thunk::: My daughter had earned a place in the cookie baking event at church this morning after working hard in a contest that her AWANA group had been challenged to complete. ONLY neither one of us had remembered and we were both still lounging around in our jammies on a lazy Saturday morning! Quickly we both got dressed, grabbed the things we needed to bring for the baking, and off we drove on this snowy morning. Fortunately our church is close by to our home. She missed the first hour, but there's two hours to left to have fun.

And now as I flip the calendar, I see I've also missed getting cards in the mail for a couple of early December birthdays :::another sigh:::

I wish I could find a good working solution to the early month woes that happen on a regular basis around here. I never remember to flip ahead when coming to the end of a month. Perhaps I need to hire a personal assistant, eh? Hmmmm, wondering if my daughter-in-law would move close by so she could keep me on track with her lists like she did the week before my daughter's wedding? Maybe just come and stay through December as I'm gonna need help? Can I bribe you with a pie? LOL!

May you be doing better than myself with this the first day of December!

Tammy ~@~


pianopraise80 said...

All I heard was "pie"...I'll be arriving tomorrow. :-)
Sigh...I wish! You know I'd LOVE to come help you for a month!!

mom said...

Is there a certain flavor of *PIE* that might cause you to throw all other plans out the window and come? hehe!

Love you!

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