Tuesday, January 8

and now premiering

Back in December I was contacted about becoming a contributing writer for a new online homeschooling magazine. After prayer and discussion with my family, I agreed to participate. In the weeks that followed and through many emails I've been blessed to begin to get acquainted with a new group of Christian homeschooling moms. As ideas flowed, areas of giftedness were evident in each woman and enthusiasm for the project grew as we covered it with prayer. And here we are already to the date of launch!

Announcing the premiere of The Heart of the Matter online homeschooling magazine. This Christian magazine will be published on a monthly basis with regular columns covering a variety of homeschool areas. Other columnists, such as myself, will be contributing posts on a daily basis. You'll find interviews, memes, giveaways, a message forum, and LOADS of great ideas! Truly, I believe you will be encouraged in your homeschooling journey by making this a regular stop in your daily online reading.


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randi---i have to say said...


The first issue looks great, doesn't it?

I didn't feel nervous about being a part of this, but now I do! I guess, if anything, it is a challenge, eh?

Charlene said...

I discovered something today. For some reason when I clicked on your bookmark I was always going to December 31st blog. I had no idea until I tried something different that you'd been posting! I've really been behind, but I did read about your Old Dog feeling and I can really relate today!!! I've missed reading your blog! I'm gonna have to check on a few others that are doing the same thing!!

mom said...

Yup, definitely a challenge that I didn't realize would be so challenging!

And Charlene, I feel the grrrr of computer stuff right with you! I am still without all my Firefox bookmarks which has pretty much eliminated almost all of my blog reading. I need to follow up with one of my sons about finding and restoring them. Of course, I haven't had time to read much online anyway lately, but I'll have a rough time when a veggin' mood hits...hee hee!

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