Thursday, January 31

be not wise in thine own eyes

"Be not wise in thine own eyes." ~ Proverbs 3:7a

Say it out loud. Say it again. And again. Do you agree? Could this be the motto of mothers who have teen-aged or young adults in their family? I think for many of us who have been there, doing that, done that, glad we're over that, we can easily say YES! The problem would be that we couldn't actually tell our children of that age the motto because they'd think it was funny. Why? Because.they.know.everything. PERIOD.

Thankfully I have to say that my older ones who *do know everything* are for the most part respectful about expressing their opinions of knowledge and wisdom. And I, for the most part, have learned not to have such hurt feelings when they refuse the advice and counsel I offer them. Truly, they will learn the best lessons of life by making mistakes just like I did. It's just hard as a mother to watch them do this when years of experience had brought valuable wisdom.

But as time has passed I have found that not all is lost. For as these children get a bit older a change becomes noticeable. They start seeking advice and counsel from you. They really want wisdom from someone experienced in life as they consider and make important decisions. They've learned that mistakes cost time and money and valuable energy.

Wisdom is an interesting thing, isn't it? The older you get, the more you realize how little you do know. You also understand that the wisdom of the world is meaningless. It is only in God that we find true wisdom to live our lives to the fullest potential He has planned for us.

Be not wise in thine own eyes. It's a valuable piece of wisdom that even *I* can learn from. I'm claiming it as my motto of the day!

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Charlene said...

So very true! I have older children and raised my sister. It seems once they marry and become parents they realize you weren't that crazy afterall!!

randi---i have to say said...

This is the 2nd post about teenagers in a row. I need this today!

Our 16 year old is being quite rebellious these days and i am not quite understanding where she is coming from. She is very sensitive so I am assuming this is her way of feeling her way through things. She seems very closed to what we have to say these days.

2 weeks ago, things seemed fine!

I will just keep holding on. Parenting is a wild ride, isn't it?!?

mom said...

Yes, the ups and downs of parenting make it a roller coaster at times, especially with teens. One minute everything is fine, the next minute you don't know what hit you! The key is to stay calm throughout it all. Definitely a lesson in perseverance and patience, eh? I keep wondering when God will think I've had enough of those lessons....must be a long time from now as he's given me plenty of children to practice those lessons on!

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