Monday, January 7

a cradle of love

Having given my granddaughter a bitty baby for her birthday, my goal was to track down a nice doll cradle for her Christmas gift. As I began the journey of looking for one, I was sorely disappointed. Not only were they pricey, but they were mighty frail looking. Having had girls - and even their brothers - climb into doll cradles through the years, I knew that what I was encountering for purchase wouldn't hold up. So, I contacted someone through my homeschool board whose husband had built a wonderful sturdy table for my littles to use hoping he also built such things as doll cribs. The reply was that perhaps he could, but it wouldn't be until February or so. Disappointment only lasted for a moment as another friend on the homeschooling board said that she had a doll cradle up in her attic that a carpenter friend had made for her girls many years ago which she would be willing to ship if I was interested (*correction - I found out today that she and her sisters had played with the doll cradle, then she passed it on to her own girls. Makes me even more sentimental knowing it's already been played with by two generations of girls!) Pictures followed and I confirmed that I wanted it, so off it went into the mail.

Let's just say it arrived and I loved it! My husband glued the rockers back onto this gently used doll cradle, I sanded and touched up any rough spots, and put a coat of poly on it. I then went to work on sewing the bedding. A mattress and pillow along with lavender flannel coverings were sewn. Then I went out into my very cold storage area to dig through boxes that held all my mom's sewing and crafting. A treasure was found as I pulled out two unfinished quilt blocks in purples which could easily be made into a quilt for dolls with some border fabric strips added. So that was the last cradle project which I was working on during the final moments before our second Christmas upon the older ones arrival.

Oh, I'm certain that at two years old my grandangel doesn't appreciate the significance of the project, but someday her mama can share that with her. Perhaps those two quilt blocks lovingly crafted by her great grandma can be sewn into a larger quilt when she is older and has outgrown dolls.

May all the dolls and stuffed animals who sleep in this precious doll cradle have sweet dreams!

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