Thursday, January 3

the cutting of the tree

Remember early in December when my daughter made her beautiful cookie Christmas tree? She had planned on sharing it with her family on New Year's Day as a treat. WELL, I was just at the kitchen sink getting water for a second pot of coffee when I noticed the beautiful creation still in the bay window above the sink. I called her over and we talked about how it had been forgotten, but perhaps we could have it as a treat after lunch even though some of the M & Ms were missing off the front. Sounds good, right? WELL, after pulling it out of the window we immediately noticed that the back half of the tree of the tree had been visibly sawed off! A kitchen thief has been quietly and mysteriously and methodically using a knife to have HIS own treat! Yes, we have no doubt as to who this thief is and it is fortunate he is currently spending a few days with his older brother in a faraway city as I do believe his life could be endangered for such a dastardly deed!

And here we were concerned about a few missing M & Ms! BOYS! ::::::::::sigh::::::::::

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Tina said...

What a HOOT!! I just love the look on her face. You captured it perfectly.
I wonder if he thought he wouldn't get caught.

mom said...

Oh, I think he knew he would eventually get caught. He is also the one who has trimmed much frosting off a small additional wedding cake that is down in the freezer....

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