Monday, January 14

don't wake up the bear!

We picked up a fun reading book at the library that suits our family well since we live in an area where bears hibernate and all the other animals featured actually live around here. Plus the timing was right as the story takes place during the snowy cold winter. We included Fuzzababy as part of the reading audience as she is a polar bear and she gave the story two paws UP! Now you may want to preview the book for preschoolers as I suppose the growly bear could be frightening. Lovey has older brothers so she doesn't get frightened by loud rumbles...hee hee!

The book - Don't Wake up the Bear! by Marjorie Dennis Murray


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randi---i have to say said...

Aubry and I have enjoyed that book too! You gal is adorable!

mom said...

It is a fun book because you can do all the different animal voices :-) One of Lovey's older sisters was reading nearby and she cracked up when I did the squirrel's voice which made us laugh, too. Sorry, hard to imitate here....hee hee

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