Sunday, January 13

a finder and a keeper

Remember that beautiful old roll-top desk I got back in November? Well, it was bad timing for it to arrive when it did because it just kept getting piled on top with one thing after another through the holidays. So, yesterday I was bound and determined to start getting it cleaned off and organized. Ohhhhh, I'm not done yet, however I ran across a treasure late last night! I found it and I get to keep it! It's a sweet note from my daughter-in-law :-) Oh, she knows me well....hee hee! She knew she could easily tuck away a note on my desk without really hiding it because my desk was such a mess and that eventually I'd find the note. But, I'm not certain she realized how much it would bless me :::::sniff sniff:::::

Ahhhhh, my future daughter-in-laws are going to have quite a role model someday in this young lady :-)

May God surprise you today with a marvelous unexpected blessing!

Tammy ~@~

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