Tuesday, January 29

the heroes of today?

"Recent movies and books have presented a new kind of hero. This hero, male or female, is tough, violent, strong, and cunning. They use few words, usually carry big guns, and they show no mercy. The reason these kinds of heroes are popular is that they mete out vengeance to any and all who do wrong. They wipe out the oppressors, they defend the meek, and they refuse to let the bad guys win. In other words, they symbolize the ideal that good will always triumph over evil. The problem is, the good they offer is little better than the evil they destroy." ~ From Daily Wisdom from the Bible

Ahhhh, we all have heroes, don't we? Especially kids who live in a technological age of movies, computers, and video games.

As I read this paragraph, what struck me the most and something which I hadn't really thought about before was the last sentence. The heroes of today fight battles just as nastily as the evil they are out to destroy. Yes, the ideal does of "good will always triumph over evil" still holds true with these heroes, but at what cost? Has the world REALLY been made better from their influence? Are they people I'd like my children to follow as an example? Probably not.

I guess I would prefer the statement "God will always triumph over evil." Now there's some Truth! And who could be a finer example to follow than Jesus Christ? We even have the armor listed in His Word - Ephesians 6:10-18 - to go out into the world and be a soldier for God.

I'm just hoping this armor comes in the color pink!

Have a good day in your garden!

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Daisy said...

Excellent Post. I couldn't agree more. True heroes are those who are brave enough to walk by faith in today's culture. Those are the heroes I want my children to have.

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