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It seems to be a natural flow of life where I've lived most of my life. Winter hibernation. After the holiday rush, everyone lies low for awhile. Perhaps it is the shorter daylight hours. Perhaps it is the unpredictable weather which is either snowy or extremely cold (schools are closed today within a sixty mile radius because of frigid wind chill factors). Perhaps it is a because it is the cold/flu/stomach virus season. Or perhaps it is a natural rhythm of life God has given us as a season of rest. I certainly can't pinpoint the cause, but I know it happens every year here.

With this season comes sleeping in later in the mornings or catnapping in the afternoons. Meals are different, too. Hot foods. Heavier foods. More soups and crockpot meals with sauces. Less fresh produce since the quality of fruits and vegetables tends to decline with shipping. Less exercise unless you are winter hardy. And it isn't unusual to have a bit of the winter blues or have cabin fever set in as the winter drags on for months.

Winter hibernation can spell disaster for a weight loss plan. UNLESS you have developed Living Well Principles throughout the year. Principles that have become healthy habits.

Where does that put me this winter? Maintain. Stable. I am not losing and I am not gaining. Watching what I eat, but not like a hawk. Exercising a bit, but not like I typically do or like the warmer seasons. The winter blues keeps my motivation level low. Almost non-existent some days. Step by step. As long as I recognize that, I'll do fine.

For I know this is temporary. The daylight hours will soon be noticeably stretching. The weather will begin warming. The signs of spring are only THREE months away instead of six months. LOL! Yes, a sense of humor does help :-)

One great benefit of this season is having more time to spend in God's Word. My body may be in a season of hibernation, but my mind is not. There is more time to read and study. I am currently involved in three Bible studies and am being challenged with everything God is placing in my path as I work through Scripture verses. No matter how many times you study the Bible, there's always something new to be revealed!

My hope is that you, too, have developed good Living Well habits that are carrying you through this season. Habits which include God's Word to refresh and renew your mind daily!

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Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm new to Living Well Wednesdays, and I'm visiting others who are participating. I can really identify with what you said today. January starts out strong with resolutions and such, but quickly turns challenging! At least here in the north it does! Have a great week!

Love Bears All Things said...

I think hibernation during the winter months is probably genetic. I imagine the body is holding onto its fat for warmth. On the farm, there wasn't a lot to do in the winter. Food was hearty.

Sounds like you are busy in the word. 3 Bible studies,do you have homework with all of those?
Have a good week,
Mama Bear

Charlene said...

I hibernate too during the winter. I wonder what I'll be like when I don't have to go out in the winter! Right now it is -14 below zero (wind chill) and I have to go out, NOT looking forward to that! I'm doing pretty good this week, journaling. I really thrive on accountability!

Marsha said...

I really love to pull the covers up over my head in the winter and hibernate...after all, don't bears come out thinner in the spring?!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

I understand completely. It is so true the important of maintaining the live well lifestyle through out the year! Good job! I am especially impressed by the three Bible studies!
I am glad your mind does not hibernate now!

mom said...

Several people have mentioned that journaling has really helped them stay accountable. It certainly is worth a try :-)

Two of the Bible studies are not on a set time schedule, so they move a little slower which makes the homework not as overwhelming, especially on the weeks that we go *rabbit trailing* :-) The third has daily homework which needs to be done, but I'm lovin' it because it's challenging my thinking.

Hey, I like the thought that hibernating makes you thinner! But I think that may only apply to bears...he he!

Tammy ~@~

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Maintaining during this time of year is pretty positive. So glad you are having more time with God. Thanks for your kind words.

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