Thursday, January 24

how low can you go?

NINETEEN DEGREES BELOW ZERO! Clear skies and a big full moon as I wandered out of our home early this morning to go and walk inside the high school's fieldhouse. Really, I keep hearing about the *warming trend coming*, but I'm beginning to wonder if I was dreaming that news as the thermometer just isn't making it above zero lately. BRRRRRR!

So, it seems like good timing to do something fun. Yesterday over at Quiet Life Donna did a fun meme that I thought I'd post here today. Kind of one of those things to get to know one another better. I don't think that anything in my meme will surprise my family and they will probably :::yawn::: as they read it. Feel free to fill it out about yourself in the comment section or carry it over to your own blog. Hopefully you are a little more exciting than me! Here goes:

love/hate meme

I love to eat: chocolate
I hate to eat: cooked spinach

I love to go: to a fabric or craft store
I hate to go: to the doctor

I love it when: the sun shines
I hate it when: there is gray weather day after day

I love to see: my garden growing
I hate to see: the ugly gray snow of spring meltdown

I love to hear: my kids laughing
I hate to hear: my kids fighting

Stay warm my friends!

Tammy ~@~


Donna Boucher said...

-19 below is just wrong.

It is cruel and wrong.

It is a balmy -10 here.

Be safe, Tammy!!!

I agree with everyone of your answers. I like raw spinach but really hate cooked.

Thanks for playing along.

mom said...

You are balmy, Donna! LOL!

I love raw spinach, especially picked right out of the garden. The kids always pick and eat it out in the garden because they are under the um, impression, it will make them strong. I have no idea where they got THAT from :::wink::: But cooked spinach - yikes! It honestly makes me gag....

Charlene said...

I can't believe you went out -- you warmed the car up and drove to go walking!!!!!! 19 below and in the DARK........YOU are ONE DEDICATED LADY!! I wish you were my neighbor calling me and prodding me to go with! When I moan and groan about walking downstairs to put on my walking tape YOU will INSPIRE ME! THANKS!

Charlene said...

I thought I'd tag you today, 6 more random things about yourself! All the things you thought about telling us AFTER you hit the PUBLISH key!

mom said...

Charlene, if you'd like, I'll call you when I leave the house in the morning so you can get up and go walking, too! hee hee!

I really did need to PUSH myself out the door. I'm still on hiatus from Curves and hadn't walked on Tuesday which is my other walking day, so I felt like I HAD TO GO walking yesterday. I don't want my metabolism to get sluggish on me....

Tammy ~@~

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