Thursday, January 3

it is time

This morning I walked.

Simple sentence with big action.

I haven't been able to exercise since mid-December due to the gimpy back/shoulder thing I've been regularly seeing the chiro for a few times a week. Lack of exercise, stress of the holidays, too much food...can you say blech? It has turned me into a sluggard with no energy.

Last night before bed I determined that I'd get up and try walking at the high school in the morning since they are back in session today. And so I did. And so I feel better. Well, I feel better mentally anyway as I had time to ponder the last few weeks while I walked. My back/shoulder are aching a bit more even with minimal arm swinging. But that's okay because it is time to get back on track. After all, it is a new year with new horizons stretching out in front of me :-)

May you, too, be getting back on track after the holidays because it is time, you know!

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