Thursday, January 17

keep it burning

"It is much easier to keep the fire burning than to rekindle it after it has gone out. Let us abide in Him. Let us not have to remove the cinders and ashes from our hearthstones every day and kindle a new flame; but let us keep it burning and never let it expire. Among the ancient Greeks the sacred fire was never allowed to go out; so, in a higher sense, let us keep the heavenly flame aglow upon the altar of the heart." ~ A.B. Simpson

This principle makes perfect sense to me. It has been an advantage to our household to have a college son home for awhile. Oh, not just because we like him, but because he's a night owl now. We can all go to bed and he's still up puttering around on stuff until the late - or should I say early? - hours. And each night before he goes to bed, he stokes up the fire in the woodburner. So when the rest of us who are early risers get up in the morning, there's an ample supply of burning coals to throw some more wood onto and the fire continues easily. It's a quick task. And the warmth in the house is kept at the cozy stage. But as soon as he goes back to college, we'll be back to working much harder to get the fire going in the morning. Removing the ashes and dead cinders. Finding some newspaper. Chopping some kindlng. Waiting by the woodburner until the fire is going well enough we can begin the rest of the tasks of the day. And it will take awhile for the house to get the chill out of it.

It is easy to parallel this to our spiritual lives. Have we developed habits in our life that keep the glow ever burning for our Lord? Or is it a hit or miss kind of thing which takes awhile each time to connect with him and take the chill out of our relationship? Which is easier? To have a time set aside to daily spend with the Lord in which we have our Bibles, devotionals, journals - whatever it may be - close by? Or to decide one morning to take some time to spend with Him and then wander around the house trying to locate your Bible, find a pencil that works, search through the bookshelf for a good devotional only to have now lost time and have the day interrupt your good intentions?

I say, go for the cozy ever burning fire in your heart!

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