Thursday, January 3

a new fondue

A tradition that I grew up with was having a fondue meal on Christmas Eve. That tradition has been carried on with my own family not only on Christmas Eve, but also for New Year's Eve. We all look forward to it as it is a slow meal of leisurely eating as we chat around the table.

This year my oldest daughter brought home her brand new fondue pot and we thought that rather than initiating it with the tradtional oil fondue, it would be much more fun to try a chocolate fondue. After everyone was done eating supper and we did the meal clean-up, we began the process of cutting up fruit and melting chocolate for our fondue dessert. The kids wandered back to the table to check it out and it was quite quickly a hit. As you can see by the face of my littlest, the favorite thing for the kids to dip was not the fruit but the marshmallows my husband added to the mix. She ended up with chocolate not only on her face, but also all over her shirt and pants. Probably didn't help that she was sitting on the table while she was dipping!

See how easy it is to start new traditions!

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randi---i have to say said...

She is so cute! How come we don't look that adorable with chocolate all over our faces? ;)

mom said...

LOLOL, Randi! So true! Imagine what our children would say if they walked into the kitchen and our faces and clothing were covered in chocolate :-) It almost sounds like a dare, doesn't it?!....hehe!

Tammy ~@~

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