Saturday, January 5

quietly growing

As I was about to begin my devotions this morning in my quiet corner, my husband came over with his cup of coffee and sat in the chair next to my desk. Life has been wonderfully crazy over the last few weeks, however, it has come with a price as the two of us have not been connecting in one-on-one conversation. We were overdue. Long overdue. And since we were the only ones up and had our coffee in hand, we gently closed the bedroom door and talked over some essential things for the next two hours or so. Easy topics and hard topics, but all on a heart to heart level. Discouraging in that there are definite things that need to change; refreshing in that I can see progress in my own life in areas.

Spiritual growth is a funny thing. You don't visibly see it happening, but it happens. And why shouldn't it? I mean, I've talked to God specifically about certain things and He has worked on my heart in those areas. I just didn't know He was doing it. The growth was quietly done throughout the year and in retrospect I can see it. And it is cool. And He isn't finished.....

May you, too, find moments of retrospect that are encouraging and rejoice in God's quiet work in your life! And pray that He'll help you with those areas that still need some quiet polishing....

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Donna Boucher said...

This entry made me so happy for you and your husband.

I am praising God that you two had the time and the wisdom to talk and listen.

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