Friday, January 25

tagged on six

Ahhhhh, I've been TAGGED by Charlene! After checking the rules, I have to share six non-important things, habits, or quirks about myself. I think yesterday's love/hate meme was easier! Hmmmm, think random, think random, think goes:

*1 - I never had a cat as a pet until I was married.

*2 - I had lots of freckles as a kid and used to try rubbing lemon juice on them to try to get them to fade. Now they are faintly there and I'm not certain if anyone even notices the silly things.

*3 - My very favorite scented flowers are freshly cut Lily of the Valley. Spring lilacs come in as a close second in that category.

*4 - A mother can never have too many candles. I LOVE them!

*5 - My morning coffee begins with a spoonful of sugar, a good splash of milk, then the coffee poured on top. It's hard for other people to duplicate the proper mix...hee hee. I do cheat and go for the specialty creamers on Sunday mornings at church :-)

*6 - My favorite piece of jewelry is my grandmother's thin gold wedding band which I wear next to my wedding band just as my mom had done with this ring.

How'd I do? :-)

Anyone else want to play?

Enjoy this day in your garden!

Tammy ~@~


pianopraise80 said...

I thought your favorite jewelry was the BLING!! ::running and ducking::

mom said...

LOL! The BLING is my most *FUN* stuff to wear...probably because it's soooo not me!

Donna Boucher said...

How sweet the way you wear your rings.

Don't your freckle show up when you are out in the sun?

You know....the sun.

Jessica said...

Just checked in to see how the tag would go!!! (I tagged my sister Charlene!!!)

Fun stuff!

Charlene said...

I think you did great! Maybe the lemon juice worked after all!

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