Saturday, January 19

this is more like it

Yup, I suppose you thought that quote from yesterday made me permanently speechless. NOPE! I'm back to talking this morning :-)

Our weather has finally changed to be more like the weather we are used to for the month of January. Cold. Frigid Cold. Still around twenty degrees below zero. Not expected to get above zero for a couple of days. This is more like it! So, I'm frozen. Too cold to type! LOL!

Actually, it does take longer to emerge out of the warm snuggly flannel sheets when the house is cool in the morning. When I finally did get up, grabbed a cup of coffee, and made my way over to my laptop to check email, I found an email from my daughter wondering if I was online to chat. BUT my IM server was not working. Would not accept my password. Was being totally belligerent. Remember the love/hate relationship I have with my computer? grrrrrrr! So I emailed her back that I couldn't chat. She immediately emailed me back that her brother was online downstairs, so I went to use his computer and account to chat. Did I mention that his computer is in the same room as the woodburner? Yup, we chatted for quite awhile online not only because the conversation was good but because I was warm! LOL!

So, does all this rambling have a purpose? Yup! Because it reminded me of my written words of the other day of which I am a slave to according to my quote of yesterday. About keeping a cozy fire burning in your heart for the Lord....and how that could possibly be interpreted as being lukewarm. And you know what the Lord says in His Word about being lukewarm? Uh huh, the lukewarm will be spit out! (read about the Laodicean church in Revelation 3:14-22) YIKES! That wasn't what I meant about keeping a cozy warm fire burning! No, as I was sitting close by the woodburner this morning chatting online with my daughter, I was quickly reminded of how HOT that fire was to keep our house cozy in the extreme cold. And THAT is how our hearts should be burning for the Lord. HOT enough to refine our character in a world that could be seen as extremely cold to God. HOT enough to keep us in an intimate relationship with our Lord. HOT enough that our light does shine wherever we go!

There....does that clarify things?

Enjoy January!

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