Saturday, February 2

and now ears

It seems that each night I have an idea of what I want to blog about the following morning and often that gets changed once I sit down to type in the morning. For example, I was going to post about the bloggy giveaway later this morning once my girls were up and we did the drawing...BUT...times, they are a'changin'!

One of my littles - who is pretty much growing into a middler now - developed a cold this past week. Nothing major but she mentioned a new symptom yesterday - plugged up ears as she called them. Those plugged up ears became majorly hurting ears in the middle of the night. Since her cold medicine had worn off, I gave her more to help her get back to sleep. An hour later she was back saying she had been unable to fall back to sleep. So we whispered quietly and I took her back to be tucked into bed. A couple hours later she was back yet again in tears because her ears were hurting so badly, so I gave her something else and had her very gently blow her nose which she hadn't been doing (!). I got her settled into daddy's recliner chair in our bedroom so she'd be more upright while I softly massaged her lymph areas around her ears, face, and neck. Of course, I'm sure the favorite treatment option was the piece of gum I offered to get her jaw moving to open up those ears. By now she felt sleepy, so I snuggled her with blankets and left my little light on nearby.

Being an early bird, I thought about just staying up at this point, but the house was very cool. So, I turned up the furnace and crawled back into bed to warm up while I waited for the house to warm up. My mind flashed back to when this daughter would have been quite small yet because she couldn't verbalize what was happening other than "owie" and having a fever. She had double ear infections with one eardrum bursting. Although not feeling well at all, she smiled at the sweet nurse we had as the ENT doctor came in for the exam. The smiling didn't last long as the doctor needed to suction her ear out. The suctioning part was bad enough, but the noise the machine made was horrid. Poor sweet girl. But she was a trooper for each visit we had to make as her ears were re-checked. And she never had another ear problem since that time....until right now.

Thinking back to those days long ago, I'm convinced the best treatment option was when I was lying next to her on her bed to help her fall asleep and gently massaged her face while praying for her. Hmmm, I think that may still be the best treatment option as it did wonders again this morning as she is still asleep in daddy's recliner next to my desk as I type.

God is good....all the time!

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Charlene said...

I hope that she feel better this mornig when she wakes, and maybe it's the mom in me but I really see the sweetness in this scene! I can just picture the scene - full of so much love!

mom said...

Thanks for your sweet comments :-)

She's been in her jammies all day and is running a little temp now. Her ears are still sore, but not as bad as last night. I'm hoping - and praying! - everything we've done so far today will help her have a better night.

Tammy ~@~

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