Tuesday, February 26

being a grandmama

Over two and a half years ago my very first grandangel was born. She arrived six months after my mom had passed away, a few days after my father-in-law had been buried, and while my mother-in-law's health was in a fragile condition in nursing home care. Yes, I knew I was a grandmama because I had sewn a baby quilt for this special baby and glowed over the pictures as they arrived since I couldn't go at and visit as my family had gotten sick right after her birth.

Looking back, I can now say it was an odd transition time for me. I wasn't suppose to be a grandmama because my mom was the grandma only my mom wasn't there anymore and the other grandma wouldn't be with us much longer to be a grandma either......which made ME the grandma! Only my heart and head hadn't truly caught up with that whole notion. After all, I still had a bunch of kids was I was raising and weren't you a grandma AFTER they were all raised and gone? Hmmmm......

But over the passage of time my heart has caught up quite easily. I can't hardly contain the joy I have over that little sweet thing - especially every time she says "grandma" - and have been blessed to find out that many of my feelings about my grandangel are perfectly normal and experienced by other grandmothers. It is a wonderful kinship to share with other women in this season of life :-)

Ahhhh, enter the recent arrival of grandangel number two. My heart has melted into a literal puddle! This time I was blessed to hold this precious baby less than 24 hours after his birth and hogged held him every moment I could. All those quiet moments in the days ahead of looking at that little face with that touch of familiarity to it. And pondering the role of being a grandmama more seriously. I thought much about the role of grandparents in my own children's lives while growing up and am perhaps thinking about it more deeply as we lose those special people one by one. It is easier now to see the gift they were in the lives of my children and a wonderful example as I more fully grasp my own role as a grandmama.

Since it was the topic on my heart in recent days, I've written about it over at Heart of the Matter today. I hope you will have a moment to go and read :-)

Have a wonderful day in your garden no matter what season of life you are in!

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Donna Boucher said...

True Love!

He is a big boy! He is lucky to have such a dear grandmama.

Janet said...

He is precious! And big!

Congrats "Grandma" and enjoy snuggling with him.

Noel said...

Oh my, Tammy!! he's huge! how's Mandy? LOL What a special post you wrote. It is truly an honor to be a grandmother, and I hope I never take it for granted. Blessings!!

pianopraise80 said...

Noel, yes, he was huge! But oddly enough I've recovered faster and easier with the 10 pounder than with the 9 pounder! Lol! Thanks for holding Mom's hand long distance during our labor!! :-)

Noel said...

not odd, Mandy. You're a pro now!!


mom said...

Aha! That's exactly what I told her! GMTA, Noel! And yes, I thank you, too, for holding my hand :-)

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