Saturday, February 2

bloggy giveaways winners!

Last evening I had fun signing up for a few more bloggy giveaways and also stopping by to visit many who commented here. What fun! What variety! What a carnival! A big thank you to ALL who have participated :-)

Once life quieted here a bit today, I sat down to do my totally unscientific drawing which meant writing out of names and putting them into the appropriate basket. I then went looking for Lovey to do the official picking of the names.

The hardest part was blindfolding the little one without catching her hat! She picked one name from each basket for the official winner. And the winners are :::::drumroll please:::::

Set # 1 - Vegetarian Cookbooks: Elise

Set #2 - Lighter Eating Cookbooks: Tiff

Set #3 - Cholesterol Reducing Cookbooks: Lori

Congratulations, winners! I will be contacting you for your mailing addresses so your cookbooks can get into the mail this coming week!

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Lorie said...


Tiff said...

Yay!!! You can email me at Tiffanie at steventiffanie dot com

TrainingHearts said...

Congratulations to the winners!

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