Monday, February 18

calling home

Last evening I called home to check on life. I knew it had been a busy day there with church in the morning and an outing for the afternoon and evening which included the entire family. It's always interesting calling home because if you get one of the boys on the phone the conversation is rather short and to the point; if one of the girls gets on the line you hear every detail of every moment and the phone call goes forever. Not wrong, just different. And, of course, my portion of the conversation was easy when they asked how I was, ya, mom's just been holding the baby a lot (as I'm doing right now as the household sleeps and I regress back to one handed typing like the olden days). And it's not called hogging the baby when it's done out of necessity...for those of my family who throw out that accusation! *grin*

The disappointing thing in the flow of the conversation was finding out that specific things I had asked specific people to do while I was gone hadn't been done :::sigh::: They knew the household manager was out of town :::another sigh::: Unfortunately that meant talking to the boss...better known as Dad. At least I know now that someone will be following up with specific children although not quite like mom would do. Not wrong, just different.

Aren't you glad that when you call your Heavenly Father that He's always there and you don't have to wait until He gets home from an outing to call? That as you pray and cover the essentials with Him, you know He's already on top of it and working on them? (although we do like to remind Him because it seems like His timing is off sometimes *wink*) That you know you can trust Him completely and He is the only One who will never fail you? Aren't you glad?

I am.

There's a lot to be done at home today for schooling and for an AWANA event tonight.
I've covered the bases with my two main men for the day ahead. I'm glad :-) I can let go and return to baby hogging, I mean holding :-)

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randi---i have to say said...

Enjoy snuggling the new little one! I am so happy for you!

Darnelle said...


If it was an Olympic sport, I'd give ya a run for your money!



mom said...

Hey, I'm up for the competition! Bring it on, I say! LOLOL!

Blessedw4mom said...

Oh the smell of new baby in arms is just the BEST! Hope all goes smoothly on the homefront and that you get to do lots of baby hogging ... oh I mean holding:)

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