Monday, February 4

the eyes have it

Kind of lost a bunch of time today, so I'm behind posting here. This morning was my eye appointment, then my husband driving me around to take care of errands, followed by a migraine strength headache from all those bright lights flashing in my eyes at my appointment, and just completed a chit chat phone call from my oldest daughter.

So, the eyes. Surprisingly my distance vision hasn't changed much at all since I last had new glasses which has to be at least five years ago. The reason I can't wear my glasses for reading anymore is the plain and simple fact that I'm getting older and the muscles that work with my eye lens don't work as effectively anymore and are more rigid. And the reality is my eyes will continue that process so that I will eventually need magnification for reading.

So, I had two choices. To get a pair of bifocals which would have the distance vision part I need and the nothing part for reading and being able to wear my glasses constantly. Or to get single vision glasses like I've had and only wear my glasses when I need to leave the house. Easy choice, don't you think? I am not ready to feel old yet no matter what the calendar says so I'm going with the single vision glasses since it works well at this time. Actually, I like not wearing glasses around the house :-)

So, I had a ton of choices. Styles of eyewear must number to infinity! I was going to get some glasses similar to what I had and then on a whim decided to go a bit more trendy. They kind of reminded me of a pair my mom had when I was little. I'm certain my kids are holding their breath to see what mom picked out...he he! Anyway, I think they will be a fun and a different look for me. I'll post a picture when I get them to get a less biased opinion than my family's.

They should be here by the end of the week. I told her I needed them ASAP as I have a grandbaby coming any time now and wanted to be available to leave on a moment's notice, so she put "RUSH - BABY!" on the order. Works for me :-)

Oh, and one small glitch in the appointment....a small hemorrhage was found in the back of one of my eyes. Could be a random thing or possibly health related, so I need to follow up in three months. Always something, eh?

Time to go get something done around such as checking all the schoolwork that was to be completed in my absence. I do hope that Candyland sitting on the kitchen table is only an indication of break time........

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Darlene said...

Oh, I love trendy specs. I hope we get pictures soon! Sorry I didn't get here for Live Well Wednesday last week. I was finishing up CWO.

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