Wednesday, February 6

forgetting the behind

At the beginning of the new year I joined an early morning women's Bible study group which was starting a study on Philippians. We just finished up the overview of the book today and will begin digging into the meat of Philippians as we journey verse by verse in the weeks ahead.

You know how you can read the same Scriptures through the years and each time something new hits you? That happened this morning for me as we were talking about chapter three and Paul's pressing on, straining, and reaching forward for the goal...the prize up ahead. Here's what caught my eye:

"...but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead..." - Philippians 3:13b

Yes, we often talk about the pressing on part, but how often do we talk about the "forgetting those things which are behind" part? How much do those things from the past continue to affect us? You know...old meal habits, excuses for not exercising, junk food stress eating, laziness, lack of motivation to drink ALL THAT WATER, etc. We need to take all those nasty things from the past and get rid of them. Forgetaboutit! Move forward replacing those nasty things with sensible and healthy living well strategies. Remember that we are new creations in Christ (II Corinthians
5:17) and are transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). The behind is just that...BEHIND. Leave it there! And NOW you can press on! Live well!

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Darlene said...

That was totally on my mind this morning. I was at a blog. Can't remember which one...argh. But she said, don't look back like Lot's wife did, trust God enough to look forward. It really spoke to me, and then you write this? Wow--great message!

Love Bears All Things said...

His mercies are new every morning!
We need to press on, looking ahead to the prize before us.
Have a good week,
Mama Bear

Charlene said...

I just figured out I was supposed to link every Wednesday to the Living Well Site - it's amazing just when I think I have this Bloggy thing, I find something else! I do try very hard not to knock myself today for what I did or didn't do yesterday-- sometimes it gets the best of me - I try to claim this when I catch myself --"I Charlene do not allow the devil to use my spirit as a garbage dump by meditating on negative things that he offers me"

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