Thursday, February 28


Nope, those grrrrrrrs you are hearing aren't coming from the handsome cat of the picture...they are coming from ME! You may think that it's because he's back up in my kitchen sink window knocking things down so that he can get a better view of the birds since that tree is part of their flight pattern to the bird feeder. Nope. We have a different problem involving this most beloved cat.

You see, he truly is the most wonderful kitten - almost full grown cat - we've had in a long time. He's living up to the reputation of Booga who lived twenty some years loving his family. Scooter, better known as Scootszee, has the most charming personality. He's fun. He loves all of us. He purrs. He loves the dogs. He loves going outside (okay, I don't like that part much as we try to keep our cats indoors since they get eaten by wildlife). He endures littles. He plays. He's handsome with a big fluffy tail that he flicks and flashes for all to see. You're not seeing a problem yet, right?

I so vividly remember being in the third grade and watching my dog give birth to five puppies. I can't tell you the year without doing some math, but the date was May 9th. I'll never forget it as it was the most awesome thing ever and probably the start of my birth doula career, eh? hee hee! And you know, that is something we've never done with our kids - the whole puppy/kitten thing. And the whole time this handsome cat was shaping up to be such a wonderful example of his species, my mind was beginning to think of fatherhood for him. If we could just find a pretty girl kitten to come and live in our house eventually bearing just one litter so the kids could experience this aspect of pet life.

But alas. The search has been fruitless. And I thought perhaps in the spring when kittens are more abundant we'd have some success. But alas. The search now needs to end.

For you see, there's been a hint or two of misbehavior with this dashing male cat. I, without a good working nose, noticed it myself yesterday. It's never a good sign if mom notices it. It means it's one bad odor. And I spent much of my day crawling along the floor in search of the odor. The good part is that I did some intense cleaning in areas. The bad part is a I never did pinpoint the source. And later in the day we weren't smelling it. The only conclusion I can draw is that he's only marking territory in the house and not actually urinating in places. Either way it's still totally unacceptable behavior. Totally. Blech. Grrrrrrrrrrr.......

The call to the vet was made. He can't get in for THREE WEEKS to have his surgery done. I requested to be put on "the list" in case they have a cancellation before that time as the sooner the better.


"I've had my trials and troubles. The Lord has given me both vinegar and honey, but He has given me the vinegar with a teaspoon and the honey with a ladle." ~ William Bray

Praising God for both the teaspoon and the ladle on this day in my garden!

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Tina said...

YIKES!! I was sure that he had gotten into those pretty flowers from the other day. . . I suppose that would be much more tolerable than the stink. Did you know my cats are female LOL :)

Mariel said...

Very funny post! I have 2 female cats and we did not fix them until they were a year old...BAD IDEA!! They we in and out of heat constantly!! YUCK!
I can relate :)

mom said...

You keep trying to get me to take your cats, Tina! LOL! Aren't they spayed?

Too bad we couldn't have connected, Mariel, when the time was, um, right! *wink*

Tina said...

They are spayed. . .bummer

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