Friday, February 8

know the code

All fingers. Yup, I'm all fingers when it comes to those verification boxes for blog replies. And all those fingers were certainly tested during the bloggy giveways where I needed to leave a comment. I do understand why people have that option and I don't have a problem with it. Sometimes it's just a matter of not having my fingers on the keyboard in the right places and not paying attention. But more frequently it's just that some of us have a hard time figuring out the letters since they are never in plain old type. Some are slanted, some use small and capital letters, some throw in numbers, some have letters turned and twisted and jumping. And I'm left trying to figure out if that is a 'j' or an 'i' or a 'B' or an '8' or an 'S' or a '5'. Now, it wouldn't be bad *if* when you missed the code the first time the exact same code came up the second time and you could change the one character you had wrong. But, no, they give you a new round of things to figure out :::sigh::: I actually had an email arrive yesterday saying the spam guard blocked my message....truly it wasn't because I was a robot computer; it's just that it took me three tries to get the code. That's can say, "oh that poor mother who has aging eyes" and I won't feel offended. It really is okay. I just keep trying :-)

Sure makes me glad it doesn't take a lot of code figuring out to get to heaven. Know the code. Simply.....Jesus. It only takes one attempt and you're in. He's not going to be offended when you fail and sin as he knows you aren't perfect. He'll forgive you and won't call you a spammer. He loves you. Abundantly. He wants your every reply prayer!



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Charlene said...

I have jokingly said - one day I will be password protected out of my life - there's a code for everything nowadays!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I tried so hard to not use those darn verification codes because I have a hard time with them (and I have 20/15 vision), but every time I take them off, I get spammed.

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