Saturday, February 9

a new look

Since I had to take some pictures this morning for something else I'm writing, I thought I may as well take a quick picture of my new glasses that I picked up late yesterday afternoon. It's a very different look for me. My husband says I look like a secretary...he he...guess that works for a homeschool mom as well. Basically my family won't see the glasses on me much unless I have to leave the house as I need them for driving and not for everyday life within the house.

May you see life in your garden through a fresh new look provided by God daily!

Tammy ~@~


Traceyky said...

You are so cute!!!! I know - "cute" might not be what we are looking for as we move gracefully through this Grandma stage - but hey... wait ... maybe cute IS Good! lol....

Charlene said...

I love them! You do look so intelligent! You'll be an intelligent looking secretary driving to those early morning walks!

Donna Boucher said...

You are very cute :o)

Monica said...

Very Nice!!

mom said...

LOL, Tracey! Yes, I'll take cute as a grandma :-)

And LOL, Charlene! Yes, me the intelligent walker...they'll never know that while I'm walking I'm actually trying to figure out what was on my list for the day...he he!

Thanks, everyone!

Tammy ~@~

Tammy said...

Very nice! Really!

I finally had to give in and get glasses last year. Now that I'm used to them, I can't believe how poor my eyesight is without them! Ahhh... the dignity of aging.

Anonymous said...

Looks cute! I'm the same way. I don't use mine unless driving but I can tell my eyes have changes since I'm using them more at home.

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